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The personal license key has been lost

If a backup exists – either created with the CREATOR or by backing up “Documents/AIO CREATOR NEO” yourself – you can just restore the backup.

If you have already uploaded a remote to your mediola account, you can also use the CREATOR to find out your license key online. On the CREATOR startscreen click on “mediola Portal”. In the new window log in with your mediola account info and then click “Request license keys”.

A previousely licenesed NEO Plugin is deactivated

Major and minor upgrades (1st or 2nd digit of the version number changes) of the AIO CREATOR NEO are subject to a charge. If you install a paid NEO upgrade, you will need either a valid Subscription Update Service (SUS) or a license for each used plug-in . If a plugin has no longer a valid license after an upgrade, the plugin will be highlighted in red on the start screen and the plugin will be deactivated. To reactivate it, you can either purchase a valid license / SUS or simply reinstall the last licensed version. You can easily download the older version from our websiteand and install it, so that the plugin is active again.

Gateway Import: Expected Gateway does not appear

Maybe that Gateway did not respond within the allowed time. Try again.

Device Import: Device Query failed

Maybe the selected Gateway could not respond within the allowed time. Try again.

Error message: No connection to backend

While the CREATOR is running, check if you can access and http://localhost:8009 in your browser. You should see a page with the message Cannot GET /.

If you can access, but not localhost, the problem is most likely a faulty hosts file.

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