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Integrate IR-/RF-devices and learn commands

The following procedure describes the learning process of commands via AIO GATEWAY. You should follow this procedure for the integration of infrared commands from the original remote control as well as the integration of wireless components (433 & 868 MHz) which are unknown to the system and therefore not listed in the type dropdown.

Important note:
The AIO gateways are capable of learning almost any infrared code. In addition, it is also possible to learn RF codes similar to IR codes (i.e. X10 rf codes). In this context please note, that the learning option for RF codes can not be guaranteed generally, since encrypted and rolling codes can not be learned in principal.

To learn or enter an infrared code via AIO GATEWAY, please proceed as follows.

  1. Click “Add device”
  2. Enter a device name and assign a room
  3. Select “AIO GATEWAY” for gateway
  4. Select “IR/RF Code” for type

Now select the option for “send IR from”.

  • Internal Blaster = Internal IR-transmitters on the frontside of the AIO GATEWAY (» should apply in most cases)
  • Output 1/2/3 = Connectors for external IR-transmitters on the backside of the AIO GATEWAY
  • Extender etc. = different devices you can us as extender

Add a new code by clicking the plus button below the codes box. The following menu opens and you can enter a code name.

Now you can start the learning process:
Clicking the “Learn” button triggers the learning mode, which lasts a few seconds. Then press the specific button on the original remote. Please hold the original remote control about 30 - 50 cm in front of the AIO GATEWAY and target the frontside. The transmitted code should be detected now and shown in the code text box. Click “save” to save the code. The saved code will be displayed as a row in the codes box.

To edit an existing code, select the respective row in the codes box and then click the edit button (pencil icon). To delete the selected code click the delete button (trash icon).

RF Codes:
The learning process of unlisted RF codes is almost similar to infrared codes. The only differences: The selection “send IR from” is irrelevant and the original remote control only has to be positioned in the RF reception range of the AIO GATEWAY during the learning process.

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