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Integrate supported RF-Devices

The AIO GATEWAY supports a large number of RF systems of various manufacturers. To add a supported RF-device please follow the steps below:

  1. Click „Add device“
  2. Enter a device name and assign a room
  3. Select „AIO GATEWAY“ for gateway
  4. Select the device type from the “Type” dropdownlist
  5. Select the device sub type from the “Sub Type” dropdownlist

After you have selected type and sub-type the next steps differ depending on the selected manufacturer/ system. Depending on your selection, the offered menu options indicate what to do next. The image below shows two examples for Intertechno and FS20.

Basically there are three general ways to integrate RF devices:

1. - The AIO GATEWAY learns the Code from the original remote control:
Click the “Learn” button to start the AIO GATEWAY learning mode. Then press the respective button on the original remote control. After the code was detected save the code. Code and device are already paired and the device can be assigned to buttons in your remote page.

2. - The RF component learns the code from AIO GATEWAY (because you don't have an original remote control):
In this case NEO has to send a code, which the component has to detect. To send a valid code you have two options.(a) You can enter it manually in the respective code boxes (b) If you click the “pairing” button, NEO generates a valid code automatically.
Now save the device and assign it to a button in a remote page. Set the component (i.e. actuator) to pairing mode, open the remote page in the preview mode and click on the assigned button. The generated command will be send by the AIO GATEWAY and the component can detect it, so that component and code are paired now.

3. Learning by QR code. This is possible from Creator versions 2.7.0, 2.6.5, 2.5.9 and 2.1.21 or higher. You also need an AIO GATEWAY of the V6 series (firmware 1.10.0 or higher) or a V5 Plus (firmware 1.1.11 or higher). Homematic IP and OPUS components can be taught via QR code. Click on Learn with QR Code. Then download the app QR COMPANION from the App Store or Playstore and scan the QR code of the component. Set the device into learning mode. The device is then automatically learned.

Different to the two general ways is the integration of Barthelme Chromoflex Controllers.→ How to integrate Barthelme Chromoflex Controller

For Homematic IP Devices it is possible to create direct links.

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