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transfer a remote locally

Alternatively to the transmission via mediola cloud server, you can transfer the remote files directly to the mobile device via port 8009.

To update the remotes locally from AIO CREATOR NEO to AIO REMOTE NEO App, follow the steps beyond:

  1. Start the AIO REMOTE NEO App on your mobile device
  2. Open settings menu of the App (two-finger-swipe “up”)
  3. Tap on the first dropdown (“Server”)
  4. Tap on „Other“ to add a new Update-Server
  5. Enter a name for the new Update-Server
  6. Enter the IP address of the PC on which AIO CREATOR NEO is running.
  7. Enter 8009 for Portnumber
  8. By tapping on “Add” you add the local server-configuration
  9. Now tap on “Update Remotes” to load the remotes to the mobile unit.

Note: You can leave the box for “Username” and “Password” on the starting page of the settings menu blank, because they are only important for the transmission via the cloud server.

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