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remote skin

As the remote skin we call a specific graphic design style. By changing the skin it is possible to change the design of the remote very easy. If you have several skins, you can also assign the icons across the skins.

Even the design of existing remotes can be automatically adjusted by changing the skins.

Every AIO CREATOR NEO contains at least the standard skin called “Neo2”. In addition, you can either purchase and download one of the optional skins / icon sets or you can create your own skin. You can load test versions of the skins aswell. These contain a watermark but help you to get an idea of what an iconset would look like with your remote.

To change the skin go to the settings menu, select Remotes and then Select Skin. Or select the brush icon in the upper main menu bar and click on Select skin….. For this function more than one skin is required.

The new window contains the tab Select skin where you can see all your licensed skins and choose a skin to convert your current remote to.

Use the Download tab to download available skins to your skin library or update a skin.

If you do not like the result of the skin change, you can reset to the status before the change using the corresponding button. However, this is only possible as long as you have not changed or closed the remote control, as in this case the current design will be saved.

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