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How to choose a different font

From CREATOR version 2.8.0 it is possible to adjust the font used in the CREATOR.

How to change a font

To change a font, select the corresponding text field and click on Change Font in the properties menu on the right.

Font Family

Select one of the font families available here. You can also choose whether the font should only be used for the selected element or for all texts of the active remote control.

Dn order for a font to be displayed, it must be available on your device. However, the available fonts can differ greatly from mobile device to mobile device. Therefore, you can only select a general font family here. The individual fonts within a font family are very similar in design. If you choose a font family here, the font that is available on your device and belongs to the selected font family will be displayed on your device.

Although the fonts of a family have a similar style, the font displayed on the end device can sometimes differ from that in the CREATOR.

Expert mode

In addition to the general mode for font selection, there is also the expert mode, which requires advanced knowledge in the field of fonts and web fonts, but then allows the integration of specific fonts. The graphic below will help you orient yourself in expert mode.

To use any font, you can either use a system font that you know exists on your mobile device. Alternatively, you can also embed a web font.

How to include a system font

To integrate a system font, you need to be sure that this font is installed on your mobile device. If e.g. Calibri Light is available on your mobile device, enter the name of the system font, select System Font from the dropdown menu and click on Add . It is crucial that the name of the system font is written exactly as the system font is stored on the mobile device. Be sure to pay attention to upper and lower case letters and any spaces.

Now you can select the added font and apply it either only for the selected text field or for all texts of the active remote control.

Display System Font in CREATOR

Whether the created and selected system font is not only visible on the mobile device, but also in the CREATOR (both on the work surface and in the app preview) depends on whether the system font is also installed on your PC. If the font is only available on your mobile device and not on your PC, CREATOR will display Open Sans by default. In this case, the selected system font is only displayed correctly on your mobile device after the remote control has been transferred to it.

How to include an External Web Font

To include a web font, first enter a name for the font and choose External web font . IMPORTANT: Do not simply enter the URL of the font itself under URL. The specified URL must refer to a CSS file with @ font-face rules so that the font can later be displayed in the CREATOR's app preview and on the mobile device. Google fonts e.g. usually provide this structure if you integrate the URL from the Google Fonts page. Once you have entered everything, click on Add . Now you can select the added font and apply it either only for the selected text field or for all texts of the active remote control.  

NOTE: The integrated web font cannot be displayed on the CREATOR work surface. Instead Open Sans continues to be displayed. To test the integrated web font on your PC, please use the AIO CREATOR NEO app preview.

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