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Import individual status images

To import individual status icon sets please follow the steps below:

1. Select an image-element, open the image catalog and go to the “Import” Tab
2. Click on the “choose file”-Button or drop the image in the import area

3. Now fill in the selection categories “Type” und “Style”
5. Assign a “Name”, that has to comply with the following name convention:
state_<state-term>.png It is absolutely important that the real technical term is used for <state-term>, to display the status correctly. For the status “on” the correct name would would be state_on.png.

6. To import the image click the “import” Button
7. Now you have to repeat this procedure for each state of the device identically (point 3 - 6). The categories “type” and “style” remain the same.
Each status image set must contain a “default.png”, a “undefined.png” and one image for each state. 8. To refresh the image catalog close the window.
9. Now the new status image set is integrated and can be assigned in the properties menu.

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