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The AIO Gateway V4(+) has one or two 868MHz chips in which the sensor mode can be set. Due to the modulation characteristics of the 868Mhz frequency, the 868Mhz chips can only listen to one sensor type e.g Homematic sensors. Is the sensor mode set to Homematic, the chip won't receive any messages from sensors from other brands/ vendors.


To access the sensor mode settings you have to go to “Setup” and then tap on the respective gateway. By tapping on “Sensor mode” you can choose between the following sensor modes.

Differences between V4 and V4+

The V4 only has one 868Mhz chip for which the sensor mode can be set. The V4+ has two 868Mhz chips. For one of them the sensor mode can be set individually. The other one is always running in Homematic sensor mode.

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