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If you want to use SMS in tasks you have to buy them at first. SMS can easily be bought via In-App Purchases. There are packages with 50 SMS and 100 SMS available which can be triggered by actions in a task. An easy example could be: Smoke detector is triggered and a SMS will be sent to the owner of the house.


If you want to check how many SMS you have left, you have to go to the category “Setup” and then to the tab “Setup”. Tap on the button “SMS”. The following windows shows you how many SMS you have left on your account.

You now can buy some SMS by tapping on “Buy 50 SMS” or “Buy “100 SMS”.

Using SMS in Tasks

If you have bought some SMS you can use them for actions in your tasks. Now you have to go to the category “Setup” and than to the tab “Tasks”. Select an existing task or create a new one. Now select “Add new action …” and then “Send SMS”. In the following window you can enter your message text which will be sent to one or more telephone numbers (the numbers have to be separated with a semicolon).

Attention: SMS can only be send to a mobilephone when the gateway is connected to the internet! Additionally a SMS won't be sent if you don't have any SMS on your account left. In this case you won't get a SMS even if a tasks triggers.

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