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To download the current Version of the ConfigTool NEO go to this Link. Please install the program and launch it afterwards.

On the start screen of ConfigTool NEO all already configured gateways are displayed that are found on the network (the list also contains AIO GATEWAYS versions 4 and below, although they can not be configured with this program).

Configuration of the gateway

To initially configure a new AIO GATEWAY V5 with the ConfigTool NEO click on the button “Add a Gateway” on the start screen.

Connect the AIO GATEWAY to a power source. Then click on “Continue”.

The RGB LED of the gateway should light in solid orange (access point mode). Now you can connect your computer to the gateway's own WLAN/ Wifi (not your home WLAN). For this purpose go to the WLAN/ Wifi settings of your computer and select the network named „AIOGATEWAY–XXXXXX“ (instead of XXXXXX you will see the last digits of the mac address of your gateway). Once your computer has been connected to this WLAN/ WiFi, click on “Search Gateway”.

If your gateway has been detected, a confirmation will be displayed, containing the name of the device, the mac address and the current firmware version. Click on “Continue”. In the next step you can select your home WLAN/ Wifi, to connect the gateway to. You also have to enter the WLAN/ Wifi password.

By clicking on “Connect Gateway” your gateway will try to connect itself with your selected WLAN/Wifi.

The gateway now will try to connect to your home WLAN/ Wifi. During this process the LED flashes orange until the gateway has connected to the WLAN/ Wifi successfully. Note: If the LED does not stop flashing, the connection process has failed. In this case you must reset the gateway (via the reset button on the back) and then repeat the procedure from the beginning. When the gateway stops flashing, the setup is finished and the gateway is ready to use.

By clicking on the button „Open Settings“ you get to the settings page of your AIO GATEWAY.
Note: You always get to the settings page of a gateway, by clicking on the gateway in the gateway list of the start screen of ConfigTool NEO.

The following 5 setting categories are provided in the settings menu of your AIO GATEWAY V5:

  • General
  • Network
  • Cloud Access
  • Advanced
  • Debug

To change the gateway setting in one of the categories you previously have to click the “unlock forms” button.
Note: If a user password has been set in the “Advanced” category, you have to enter the password to unlock the forms.


In this category you can set the name of the gateway, the time zone and the geo location. Setting the right time zone and geo location is important for automations that are time-triggered or triggered by an event such as sunrise or sunset. Additionally you get the information about the current firmware version of the gateway, which can be updated manually.


In the category Network you can check and modify the network settings of your gateway.

This option should be used only by advanced users with network skills.

Cloud Access

In the category Cloud Access you can activate/ deactivate and test the option “cloud access” to control devices via gateway from outside the home network over the Internet.

Check the mark to activate the cloud access and click “Save” (Important: Don't change the server settings) Finally click on “Setup”. Now the cloud access will be activated.


In the category Advanced you can set a user password for your gateway. If a user password has been set, you can change settings only by unlocking the forms with the password. Additionally you can select a sensor mode for your 868 MHz-Chip and the color of the top case RGB LED.

Sensor mode:

You can use all supported actuator brands of the 868 MHz band simultaneously, but due to the modulation characteristics of the 868 MHz band, only sensors of one brand can be used as a trigger for events or to display a status. Please select which sensor brand you want to use and confirm by clicking the “save” button.

Note: If 868 MHz sensors from multiple vendors shall be used simultaneously as a trigger, you have to use a second AIO GATEWAY.

Color of RGB LED:

You can also set the color of the top case LED by entering a hexadecimal color. To turn the LED off enter 000000.


The category Debug shows status messages of your gateway (i.e. to analyze or debug the device).

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