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Firmware update

If you use your AIO GATEWAY V5 in combination with AIO CREATOR NEO please use the ConfigTool NEO to update the firmware of your gateway. Launch the ConfigTool NEO and select your AIO GATEWAY on the start screen by clicking on it. Now select the category „General“, where the current version of the firmware will be displayed. If a new firmware is available, this will be indicated by a message.

Click on the „Install Update“ button to start the update process.

After the update has been started, a loading bar indicates the update progress. When the update process is complete, the AIO Gateway V5 restart and you will be redirected to the start screen of the ConfigTool NEO. Now your AIO Gateway is equipped with the newest firmware.

Manual firmware update

To manually update the firmware of your AIO Gateway V5 (or install an older firmware version), you require a the firmware version as a file.
You can download this file here

By clicking on “Select Firmware File…” you have to select your downloaded firmware. By clicking on “Install Firmware” the firmware will be installed.

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