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The home screen has three main areas: User, Remote and License. You can select the language in the field in the upper right corner. when you start the CREATOR for the first time, an introductory tutorial will guide you through the start menu and then help you with the first steps to create your own remote control.


In the Users area, you can create, edit or delete one or more users.

Important: licenses are always assigned to users. If you distribute your plug-in activation codes to several users, then these plug-ins can only be used by the associated user.  

remote control

The different remote controls of the selected user are listed here. you can create new remotes (plus symbol), edited (pen symbol) or deleted (trash symbol) them. To open a remote control that has already been created, select it and click on Open at the bottom right.


In addition, the license information and - associated with this - the runtime for cloud services and the activated plugins and icon sets are listed for the selected user. For the plugins, the expiry date of the → Subscription Update Service (short: SUS) is also displayed (except for a plugin without SUS - e.g. io broker).


If the SUS expiration date of a plugin is in the future, the plugin is displayed in grey. See the following picture:

If SUS has already expired for a plugin, the plugin will be highlighted in orange. See the following picture:

Even with expired SUS (highlighted in orange) you can continue to use the plugin without time limitation and make patch updates (only the 3rd digit of the version number changes). Only paid major or minor upgrades (1st or 2nd digit of the version number will change) can no longer be done without valid SUS or a new license. If a plugin no longer has a valid license after an upgrade (and is deactivated for this reason), the plugin will be highlighted in red. See the following picture:

If you have accidentially upgraded your software (i.e. without a valid SUS or license), you can simply download and install the last licensend version from our website, so unintentionally deactivated plugins can be reactivated.

Additional features on the start screen

Below the three main features of the start screen you will find other useful features.

First steps

Here you can read a short first-step introduction that explains the most important basics.   

mediola portal

If you forgot your license key, you can request it here by logging in with your access data. You can also reset the password of your mediola account.


Create or load backups of your AIO CREATOR NEO configuration.


You can also import a configuration from IQONTROL NEO on the start screen if you have the appropriate NEO plug-in to import. All information about the import can be found in the IQONTROL NEO import documentation.

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