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Integrate Barthelme Chromoflex PRO & Chromoflex 3 Controller

To Integrate a Barthelme Chromoflex PRO or Chromoflex 3 Controller please follow the steps below:

  1. Click „Add device“
  2. Enter a device name and assign a room
  3. Select „AIO GATEWAY“ for gateway
  4. Select Barthelme Cromoflex PRO or Chromoflex 3 from the “Type” dropdownlist
  5. Enter the address of the Chromoflex controller

The addresses “000010” for Chromoflex PRO and “08” for Chromoflex 3 are automatically preset by the devices manager. These addresses usually are the default addresses of the Chromoflex factory setting. To change (and check) the address of your controller you can use the original software of the manufacturer. To control a Chromoflex device via NEO, the assigned controller address and the entered address in the device manager must be identical. If several controllers are used that have the same address, all the controllers act synchronously. For an individual control of each controller, you have to assign a unique address to each controller via original manufacturer software and enter it in the device settings of the NEO device Manager.

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