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Webpage element

With the webpage element it is possible… 1. …to integrate an external website via URL into NEO. 2. …create a web page in NEO that can also visualize a device status or the status of a variable.

How to integrate an external website via URL in NEO

By using this remote element you can integrate Websites (URL) in your remote. To add a webpage element click on the element icon and a new web element will appear in the remote page (indicated by a grey rectangle). Now you can assign a website to the selected element in the properties menu.

To change the size and position of the selected webpage element you can use the corner controls of the element or insert values in the properties menu. Optionally you can set an automatic refresh of the web element.

→ Store a new web page

How to create a webpage in NEO that can also visualize a device or variable status.

Requires AIO CREATOR NEO Version 2.5.1 and AIO REMOTE NEO Version 1.62

Instead of integrating external websites, you can also use the webpage element to generate content in NEO itself using HTML and CSS.

You can also assign a status to the webpage element and design and process that state graphically using the webpage element.

To assign a status to the webpage element, drag the item onto the canvas and click Assign Status on the right-hand property bar.

In the next step select the status you want to display with the webpage element and click on apply.

Click Set HTML Framework in the right-hand property bar afterwards.

You can start setting the framework for your status now.

Note: Your own HTML content can only be integrated as an iframe and not as a “Native WebView”, for URLs that contain access data in the form “<user>: <password> @” are blocked by the browser engine for security reasons.

Your previously assigned status is represented by %neo_state% and will be shown at this position in the preview or in the app.

After filling in the HTML framework, click save. Use the app preview in order to check the function and look of your webpage element.

You can also use the webpage element without assigning a device status, designing a variety of elements in NEO e.g your own button backgrounds.

By deleting the background of a common NEO button…

… and placing the remaining icon on your own button background, you can also assign a status or command to your own button.

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