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Smart Widgets

Widgets are predefined group templates for specific device types. They consist of several single remote elements that provide all or some of the functions of a device. All buttons and functions of the template are assigned to the selected device automatically and in one step.

To add a widget to a remote page, first click on the widget icon in the remote elements bar and then select a device stored in the device manager. The devices are classified according to the categories “room” and “device” - similar to the device manager. All devices for which a widget is available are highlighted in white (devices with no widgets available are greyed out).

Once a device has been selected, you can choose and style that shall be used. Thenyou can select on of the provided widget design templates for this device type.

After adding the widget to the remote page, the functions of the selected device (Actions / Status) are already assigned to any single element of the widget. Now the widget can be edited like a normal group element (i.e. resize, ungroup, etc.). If you want to change the layout of the widget, it is necessary to ungroup the widget group in the properties with the command “Disband Group”.

Note: Currently widgets are available for Homematic- and Homematic IP-Devices only.

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