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Category Gateways

In the gateway tab of the device manager you can integrate supported gateways depending on which NEO Plugins are activated. For an automatic integration click on the “Search Gateways” button. Now you have to select the gateway type. Please make sure that the gateway is in the same subnet as the computer on which the AIO CREATOR NEO software is running. Otherwise it can not be found by the search functionality. After the gateway has been found, the gateway properties such as the IP address or the MAC address are displayed. If more than one gateway has been found, you can import all gateways at once or do it one by one.

Alternatively and in case the gateway wasn't found automatically, you can add the gateway manually by clicking on the “New Gateway” button. Now you can enter a name, select the gateway type and insert the required data such as IP adress, port number and username / password (if used).

→ integrate AIO GATEWAY
→ integrate HomeMatic CCU
→ integrate Philips hue bridge
→ integrate MAX! Cube
→ integrate Rademacher Homepilot 1/2
→ integrate Contronics ExecEngine
→ integrate mi light/ EASY LED Controller

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