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Getting started

The most important core functions of the AIO CREATOR NEO are briefly explained below. For details, please see the linked chapters.

Download Installation File

Please download the current files for your Operation System and install the software:



Create a new remote

Once you have installed and started the software, the NEO home screen appears, where you can insert your license key. You can also define a user and create a remote.

To create a new remote please click on the +-icon below the list box for remotes. Now the following menu appears.

Set a name and select the size for your new remote. Please note:n The size should fit to the resolution / aspect ratio of your mobile device on which you want to use the remote.

After you have saved the new remote, it will be listed in the remotes box. To open the remote select it and click “Open”.

Design and edit the remote page

The remote then opens in the main user interface of NEO.

Initially a new remote file contains only one empty remote page. This page is always named “index” and will be created automatically. The index page is the home screen of a remote and should contain the main menu.

Each remote page basically consists of a background and various elements (eg buttons, sliders, text fields), which can be positioned on it freely.

Create a remote page by using standard templates or smart widgets

To avoid having to create the remote page from the scratch, NEO contains a set of templates for different categories (eg lighting, shutters, heating), that you can import into the remote. Once you have imported a template remote page, you can easily customize it.
→ Using standard templates

Using widgets is even more convenient. These are ready-made design groups that are automatically assigned to integrated devices so that you can click together a fully functional remote control in no time at all. More details on widgets can be found here: Smart Widgets

Integrate devices / assign functions

After you have designed a remote page graphically, it is necessary to assign functions to the placed elements. To do so, you have to integrate the components / devices to the device manager first. If a component/ device is controlled via an ip-gateway (eg AIO GATEWAY, HomeMatic CCU, …) the gateway must be integrated to the device manager previously.

Transfer the remotes to the mobile devices

To control the mediola system via Smartphones and Tablets, you have to download the NEO remotes to the mobile devices with the free App AIO REMOTE NEO for Android and Apples iOS.

For this purpose you can create a personal user account on the Mediola cloud server to store your personal remotes and easily download them to the AIO REMOTE NEO App. Additionally the cloud server uploads can be used as a backup to protect your remotes against local data loss.

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