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Remote Pages

Any remote consists of an unlimited number (at least one) of single remote pages. Similar to a navigation in a web, you can assign links to button-elements to navigate between the pages.

The first page of a remote file is alwas named „index“ and will be created automatically by the system. The index page is the home screen of a remote and should contain the main menu. The index page can not be deleted, but you can set another page as index-page.

To add a new page click the plus-button below the page list. To delete the selected page click the X-button

Each remote page basically consists of a background and various elements (eg buttons, sliders, text fields), which can be positioned on it freely. To design and modify a remote page in the editing area you have to select it in the remote page list.

You can use the following elements to design your individual remote pages:
→ Smart Widgets
→ Button
→ Image
→ Textfield
→ Date and Time
→ Slider
→ Roundslider
→ Analogmeter
→ Camera
→ Webpage
→ Color Picker
→ Selection

You can also use templates to design your pages.

In addition to size and background, you can also set other page-specific settings in the right properties menu, such as actions for swipe gestures, page status actions or the autorefresh. You can find details on these property options under Properties & Action menu.

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