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A remote is defined as an AIO CREATOR NEO-file to control your devices via mobile units (smartphones & tablets). Any remote file consists of an unlimited number (at least one) of single remote pages. Similar to a navigation in a web, you can assign links to button-elements to navigate between the pages.

Initially a new remote file contains only one empty remote page. This page is always named „index“ and will be created automatically. The index page is the home screen of a remote and should contain the main menu. The index page can not be deleted, but you can set another page as index-page.

You can store any number of different remote files. So it is possible to create individual remotes for different mobile devices with different screen resolutions or for different use cases or users (eg for children).

All remote-files of the selected user account are listed in the second list box on the Startscreen.

By using the buttons above, you can open or delete an existing remote or create a new remote-file.

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